Free Energy Saving Gadgets

  BT 17:29 12 Jan 11
  rawprawn 17:35 12 Jan 11

I have one, it's called a switch.

  BRYNIT 18:00 12 Jan 11

I looked at this site once before for someone else. Filled in all the details required until it asks for a promotion code? I searching high and low and still couldn't it. Either it's playing hide and seek or I'm missing something that's in front of my nose.

  Al94 18:03 12 Jan 11

"If you do not have an alternative promotional code please use: GADGET"

  canarieslover 19:10 12 Jan 11

Don't bother with the water saving gadget as it is only a restrictor that reduces the flow to the shower. Unless you have a really powerful shower you will find yourself standing under the shower for a very long time to rinse off. If you have the really powerful shower you can turn the tap down to achieve the same effect.

  peter99co 21:12 12 Jan 11

Got one and it was not needed. Passed it on to a friend. You receive a plastic bag which you hold under the shower for five seconds and water comes up to a line. If it goes over the line you need one. It can save a lot of water if you have 5 min showers.

You can also have a small bag which go in the cistern of the loo that saves 1 litre per flush. Can add up to a big saving in a family house.

Contact your water board for them if they are still sending them out. Mine was from Severn Trent.

  interzone55 21:25 12 Jan 11

I got a free energy meter from N Power which gives a live reading of my current energy usage, which is 355w at the moment.

I find I've become quite obsessive about turning things off if they're not in use. The lowest reading I've ever seen on it is 105w, which is the fridge, central heating timer, burglar alarm and things on standby like the TV recorder and stuff

  tullie 21:33 12 Jan 11

We used to put half a brick in the cistern.

  peter99co 21:44 12 Jan 11

I watch mine showing 3p per hour most of the time. I aim for 85p per daytime use.

I await the bill in April to confirm the data.

Can always tell when the kettle goes on.

  morddwyd 08:50 13 Jan 11

Don't look at it when the electric power shower goes on!

  interzone55 11:27 13 Jan 11

Luckily I don't have a power shower mine just pulls straight from the combi boiler, but it's quite scary when the washing machine is on.

Besides, as the power display is plugged into the mains I think it would be a little dangerous to use it whilst having a shower :-)

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