Free Directory Enquiries for Virgin phone customers

  BT 17:25 17 Nov 11

Free Directory enquiries

There's a limit of 10 per day apparently but much cheaper than most 118 calls.

  birdface 18:58 17 Nov 11

They have just done the same for 0870 and 0845 numbers so heading in the right direction.

  Condom 22:41 17 Nov 11

I never fails to amaze me that we have not moved on to a system which I understand has been available in France for over 20 years. I'm not sure how it works but they have a central computer system which stores all numbers so new ones can be added very quickly as can any changes. Each home has a small box which can interrogate the central system, so basically there is no need for phone directories or expensive directory inquiries.

I'm sure safeguards are built in but this does seem a much better idea to me than constantly wasting tons of newsprint every year printing directories which are out of date before they are issued.

  birdface 22:53 17 Nov 11

This has got to be a first BT Praising Virginmedia for giving free Directory Enquiries.

  Graham* 23:05 17 Nov 11
  Strawballs 14:30 18 Nov 11

Thanks for that, but it's funny as I have all my services from Virgin, Tivo & V+ tv 20meg broadband and phone and I have to find this out from elsewhere.

  Woolwell 14:49 18 Nov 11

According to their website 0870 and 0845 numbers are not free for all packages and often not during the day.

  birdface 17:03 18 Nov 11


Got an e-mail from them a fortnight ago and now get free 0870 and 0845 and directory inquiries.

I would imagine all Virginmedia customers that use the internet for paying their monthly bills would have received the same e-mail as myself.

I would actually add the e-mail contents on here but it gives my account number etc on it and I am not sure that part would stay deleted.

It is dates 1/11/11 but knowing from past experience you get nothing for nothing from V/M we can expect a price increase shortly.

  BT 17:21 18 Nov 11

I actually picked this up from the Cable Forum not from Virgin

Cable Forum

  Woolwell 19:46 18 Nov 11

Interesting about the 0845 numbers as I didn't get an e-mail and I was charged for one as recently as this week. I'll have to contact them.

  Woolwell 19:54 18 Nov 11

I've downloaded their pdf file of charges from 1 Nov and this states that 0845 numbers are charged and with most packages 0870 are free.

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