Freak weather

  Brumas 14:20 26 Apr 13

The heavens have just opened and thundered down quite large heavy hailstones, so heavy it started my alarm for the first time I've had a Golf, it is is still thundering it down and in the space of five minutes it looks like this

Has this weather affected anyone else?

click here click here

  john bunyan 14:36 26 Apr 13

Is this a sneaky way to go over the max 4 allowance on the Friday Longshot? How can you call it God's own County with such weather?? Fine and sunny here in the South.....

  Quickbeam 14:51 26 Apr 13

We've had some nice seasonal sunshine here, very freaky... compared to the last few years anyway!

  Brumas 14:52 26 Apr 13

john bunyan LOL. It is now thunder and lightning and the sky is as black as the ace of spades!!

  spider9 15:33 26 Apr 13

If you ignore the wind and rain, it's a lovely day, here!

  michaelw 15:43 26 Apr 13

Yep, just got a lovely tan in the garden here.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:01 26 Apr 13

East Mids, bright and sunny after a couple of small showers this morning

  Aitchbee 16:20 26 Apr 13

Mr & Mrs Crow must be starting a family as they have built a nest in one of the trees close to my house ... only thing is ... there's nae signs of any leaves growing on the branches just yet ... very strange.

  Ex plorer 16:24 26 Apr 13

North Yorkshire Dales, sunny with clouds, cold windy and wet under foot, just noticed the lawn wants cutting. Nip up field and get a sheep or two that should do it.

  Brumas 16:39 26 Apr 13

We have bright sunshine now, here in North Northumberland, and all the hailstones are melting thank heavens! I shall green-tick this in the hope that we see no more of it!

  BT 17:39 26 Apr 13

Just had a hailstorm here in Norwich, just as the plum tree has come into blossom, so probably ruined it yet again.


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