Frannie Frith Vs Fran & Brumas

  Quickbeam 16 Mar 12

After the proclaimed disappointment this week by Brumbo and some others over the Francis Frith programmes, that are recreating century old scenes with a modern take, I thought I'd have a go myself.

Not too long ago Brumas listed a scene of Doncaster markets on his Friday night quiz that looked to be from around 80+ years ago, so that is the location that I first went to. Brumas's picture was taken from the same spot as my No1, but from an upstairs window in a building overlooking the market.

I didn't quite like that view myself from ground level, so I decided that No2 gave a better view from that side today. I then went around the market square and shot several views of Doncaster Markets. I think they all give an impression of a busy market in differing ways, weather it be the Corn Exchange Building, the market shoppers or the market traders.

But the main point being would they tell a tail in a centuries time when Brumas's Gt Grandson is doing the Brumas Collection Quiz on Friday night, would they by then be seen as having that quaint appeal of a bygone age worth discussing like the man in a deckchair canvas, should we still be taking pictures of the everyday and ordinary for next century's people to view?

  Woolwell 16 Mar 12

Very good. Why is that person wearing a top hat in no 18?

Should we still be taking pictures - yes.

  Woolwell 16 Mar 12

Where's the dog?

  Brumas 16 Mar 12

Quickbeam, fine photographs and yes, I do believe they give an accurate representation of life around a market in the 21st century. Now all I need is for my son and daughter to get married and provide some grandchildren!

  Bingalau 16 Mar 12

Brumas, I hope you will still be around yourself. Who Knows? someone might well find that elixir of life and we could all still be going strong.

  Quickbeam 16 Mar 12

Woolwell believe me I tried to find a dog!.

Brumas Yes your competition's survival depends on it!

Also as you mentioned in the Firth thread that you like to see how the places look now, well most home location pictures have one of us living not too far away, maybe members nearby could provide an up to date image of some of the more interesting locations. After all, we have a truly national forum, it might add an extra dimension to the old postcards if a new take can be seen too. Just a thought.

  Brumas 16 Mar 12

Quickbeam, "maybe members nearby could provide an up to date image of some of the more interesting locations", one of your better ideas ;o}}

  buteman 16 Mar 12

If I remember correctly there were statues on top of one of those buildings that Brumas posted.I don't see them now.

  Forum Editor 16 Mar 12

There are millions more photographs being taken today, compared to 100 years ago. The people of the next century should be far better off in terms of archive imagery - in terms of both images and footage.

As long as we can devise ways of preserving the data files for that length of time.

  Brumas 16 Mar 12

Forum Editor I'd need to take millions to get one just as good as Francis Frith :o{

  Forum Editor 16 Mar 12


I once heard David Bailey say that the secret to getting a Memorable image it's shoot hundreds of pictures. Ansel Adams - my favourite photographer- adopted a different approach; he sometimes spent days waiting for the light to be just right for his legendary landscape images.


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