This forum's post times...

  rodriguez 16:33 05 Sep 06

I don't if anyone else has noticed, but the times on everyone's forum post appears to be 9 mins ahead of the real time. I checked on my PC clock, watch and Sky clock and the forum time is 9 mins ahead of them all. Haven't tried the speaking clock yet. Strange...

  jimv7 16:38 05 Sep 06
  pavvi 16:39 05 Sep 06

take a look a few posts down there is another post for this answers

  ade.h 17:04 05 Sep 06

It's an age-old quirk that has been that way for as long as I can remember. Over the years it has varied between slow, fast and just about spot on. It is no big deal most of the time.

  Altruist 17:53 08 Sep 06

but the Forum clock is spot-on now.

  Jimmy14 17:59 08 Sep 06

just testing it.

  smonoco 19:51 09 Sep 06


  lisa02 20:29 09 Sep 06

Is it?

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:30 10 Sep 06

the forum time was always right, we would all get confused!!

  PurplePenny 13:59 10 Sep 06

I'm wearing a radio controlled watch so I'll send at 14.00

  Forum Editor 14:08 10 Sep 06

The server clock appears to be a minute slow.

Vultures have started circling, the dogs are barking, and the sky's gone a funny shade of blue/black.

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