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  postie24 11:53 24 Dec 06

Hi everyone,ive been wondering lately what made you choose the nickname that you have?.Browsing through the posts,there are some unusual ones.With mine its pretty obvious,just wondered about yours,merry xmas...postie24

  Kate B 11:54 24 Dec 06
  Monoux 11:55 24 Dec 06

Aleady in progress see click here

  postie24 11:56 24 Dec 06

Hi Kate B,merry xmas

  Kate B 11:57 24 Dec 06

and to you, postie24!

  Colin 11:59 24 Dec 06

Guess what my name is. I don't have much of an imagination!

  rodriguez 12:42 24 Dec 06

My real name's Pete Smith but as you can tell, that's boring. So me and my mates made up foreign names for each other one night when we were on the beer. Mine was Pierre Rodriguez and it stuck. :-D So I use Rodriguez as my forum and MSN names (took the Pierre off because it was a bit weird).

  daisy2bell 22:21 24 Dec 06

We have 2 goats, and one of them is called Daisy and they have bells

  skeletal 22:49 24 Dec 06

Because I’m skinny. When I was younger, doctors used to scratch their heads because my weight was off the bottom of the “ideal weight” chart. I ate like a horse and have never exercised. I now eat less but I’m getting fatter! (Based on me, one may therefore conclude, that the more you eat the lighter you become!).

Happy Xmas all.


  Python33 01:46 25 Dec 06

my nickname is my pet species, i could have used the latin title but couldnt be bothered. Merry Xmas & Happy new year.

  Strawballs 00:05 26 Dec 06

A play on my last name (Haycock)

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