Forum members photos

  postie24 18:07 PM 19 Jul 07

Ever wondered what a another forum member looks like?
I do,heres a pic of me,ugly so n so i know.
Anyone else want to add a photo?
click here

  Legolas 18:10 PM 19 Jul 07

Put that away ;-)

There already is a site with many of the forum members on it I dont have the link but I'm sure someone else will have.

  wallbash 18:14 PM 19 Jul 07
  postie24 18:17 PM 19 Jul 07

Yep ive seen those pics,but just wondered if anyone else wanted to upload a photo :))
Told you the pic was bad :))

  Stuartli 18:29 PM 19 Jul 07

My photograph is used to frighten naughty children into behaving themselves...:-)

  crosstrainer 18:30 PM 19 Jul 07

I wouldn't want peoples monitor screen's cracking :)

  postie24 18:32 PM 19 Jul 07

Think they will have already cracked with mine :))

  Legolas 18:36 PM 19 Jul 07

When I was younger my photo was used to frighten the kids now it is used to frighten the adults;-)

  Legolas 18:38 PM 19 Jul 07

Come to think of it I couldn't look less like a elf if I tried lol

  Si_L 18:52 PM 19 Jul 07

I looked at the site for a few mins and didn't recognise a single name on there.

  cream. 18:53 PM 19 Jul 07


service with a smile:)


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