Formatting text on PCA forums

  Covergirl 06 Jun 11

I have found a few more formatting options not documented.

I'd tell you how to, but it will be more fun if you try find out for yourselves. :) (I'm working on links opening in a new window next).

Embolden large font

embolden same as formatting icons

Large font Caps only

bold font in blue

medium sized font caps only

Bold again

  Covergirl 06 Jun 11

Now that's interesting.

It didn't display like that in the preview pane.

Disappointed :(

  lotvic 06 Jun 11

bet you feel really small now

stop cussing me, I only discovered that by accident ;-)

  Covergirl 06 Jun 11

You can give it a go yourself if you're interested.

Just put the hash sign (#) at the start of the line and you can see what it does in the preview pane.

Add another one, then another, then another up to 6.

  interzone55 06 Jun 11

Like this you mean?

  gengiscant 06 Jun 11




  gengiscant 06 Jun 11

That's weird

  Nontek 06 Jun 11


Ah ha, one hash at start, type the name, then tap Enter twice to get back to normal text like this.

  cycoze 06 Jun 11



---------- Horizontal Rule ----------

Bold Italic


  cycoze 06 Jun 11

I wonder if these ones work?

This is a BIG header

This is a sub-headline

This is a Big Bold header



  lotvic 06 Jun 11

What is THIS

little and



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