Flying to the USA 1 way

  version8 15:42 18 Aug 08

I've got to fly to the USA in Jan09.
It seems it's cheaper to buy a return ticket than it is one way.
I'm coming back by boat so only need the outward flight.
Anyone know of any single flight deals, best i can get is £900.

  €dstowe 15:46 18 Aug 08

£900? Blimey!!!!!!!

You can get a LHR - JFK (New York) return for less than £300.

Why not buy a return and just not use the other half?

  version8 16:02 18 Aug 08

That may be the case, seems Miami is an expensive place to go!
BA, Virgin, & AA are wanting £££/$$$

  €dstowe 16:11 18 Aug 08

You didn't define Miami but, Delta will do £292.33 rtn in January.

click here

  spuds 16:46 18 Aug 08

There are a number of compare sites and even your local long haul flight travel agent will provide prices a lot less than £900.

If you are returning via sea, then make sure you have the necessary ticket and documentation on arrival in America, otherwise you might be refused entry, and subject to a next return flight scenario.

The Miami airport lock-up doe's a nice cup of coffee ;o)

  Forum Editor 17:10 18 Aug 08

will sell you a return from LHR to Miami International for around £420 economy. Otherwise you might try Swiss arlines, they sometimes have some offers.

A return ticket will be cheaper than a one-way deal.

  Woolwell 18:30 18 Aug 08

Using Expedia I have come up with a single flight of £300 in mid Jan. click here=

  diy 18:47 18 Aug 08

Have a look here click here

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