Flip Flopping Lib Dems - real?

  spider9 10:20 17 Jul 14

People said they'd never believe them again after the 'student fees' fiasco, so what about this latest reversal?

Flip Flop

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:29 17 Jul 14

Just an early shot across the bows for next year's general election.

  spider9 11:48 17 Jul 14

I agree it's about the next election - but do they really think doing a complete reversal on a policy they supported and pushed through will endear them to any voters? It just makes them look opportunistic, in my view.

  carver 12:05 17 Jul 14

One thing that leaves me feeling angry about this is that if the Liberals couldn't see the unfairness that this would lead to then how can they even think that they are a suitable party to vote for.

It was ill thought out and has been badly implemented resulting in hardship to people who could barely get by to start with.

Now with an election not far away they are hoping that they will gain credence by showing concern, but truth be known the only people the Liberals are concerned about is their own position as MP's.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:30 17 Jul 14

They are clutching at straws, any straws, because they know they are going to be screwed next year.

  spider9 12:44 17 Jul 14

Perhaps Danny will also have a reversal regarding Scots independence, as well (With the hope of a post in any new Scots government!!).

Seems as though there is agreement across this topic on here - is that a first??

  carver 14:41 17 Jul 14

spider9 last few weeks haven't seen a lot of heated discussion it's been very nice banter at it's worse.

Never mind should be back to normal soon.

  Devil Fish 00:03 18 Jul 14

Trying to line themselves up as bed fellows with labour for next election not sure why as Milliband is in unions pocket so is he electable ??? not in my opinion ( dones crash helmet )

  BillSers 08:55 18 Jul 14

The directionless party, just floating around not going anywhere.

Clegg, the nowhere man, just like the Beatles song.

I know he was a toper, but the party lost their direction when Kennedy left.

  spuds 13:32 18 Jul 14

Can the Liberals ever be taken really seriously, no matter who is their leader?.

A few year ago, my local Labour controlled city council lost their position to a LIB/CON coalition with the Liberals holding the majority. There was a clear chance to prove just how good they were, and they totally blew their chances away, with their petty internal arguments and failed promises and actions. the same applied to the Conservatives.

Yet our county council have held power with the Conservatives over many years, and their approach seems totally different to that of the city, and how politics and democracy should work?.

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