Flashing Christmas tree lights

  Valvegrid 17:49 08 Dec 04

I wonder how many people will puzzle out that their DSL connection is being knocked out over Christmas? Not many I suspect.

click here

  Dorsai 17:59 08 Dec 04

That is all the convincing i need not to bother bringing in the tree & covering it with tat. Not that I take much convincing. I will leave the tree outside in it's pot, and admire it throught the window, in all it's natural glory.

  Valvegrid 18:07 08 Dec 04

Tut tut, do I detect a touch of humbug?

Mind you, I'm on your side on that one.

  Dorsai 18:31 08 Dec 04

I have no objection to Xmas, just think a tree looks better outside alive and well, than it looks inside covered in chaep baubles, dying because of the central heating.

And it is a nice tree, allbeit only 13" tall.

  Graham ® 20:46 08 Dec 04

Ahem! click here

  CurlyWhirly 23:39 08 Dec 04

I hope it doesn't happen to me!
I am going to put the christmas tree up this weekend and I am going to keep it as *far* from my PC as possible!

  Migwell 23:56 08 Dec 04

I would help if we had olympic Christmases.

Yeh one every four years

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