'Flash' text ad on some TV channels ; what does it say ?

  p;3 20:39 13 Aug 11

I have noticed an ad on TV in black with some words in red is appearing ; it shows for about one second then disappears ; Does anyone know its content etc? It is almost like subliminal advertising ;have you seen it and do you know what it says ( it seems to be different each time too )...

  onionskin 22:41 13 Aug 11

It says - BURN AND LOOT.

  lotvic 22:50 13 Aug 11
  lotvic 22:54 13 Aug 11
  rdave13 22:57 13 Aug 11

Not noticed any flashing on TV whether adverts or otherwise. Which channel?

  rdave13 00:04 14 Aug 11


I'll ask again, which channel?

  lotvic 01:43 14 Aug 11

sky channel 112 'comedy central' is the one that's on YouTube

  rdave13 02:00 14 Aug 11

Ah. Don't have Sky. Thanks lotvic.

  wiz-king 07:56 14 Aug 11

News of the world MkII ? grin

  p;3 10:46 14 Aug 11

The above links look 'good' for what is going on and , from what I have seen on them this is 'subliminal' work ; originally I had to think if it could be a computer virus but that really cannot be on a TV channel ; so I think I need to ask how one might complain about it and get it removed?

I am on Sky TV but does anyone who has noticed it managed to make a note of how many channels it is on to get it stopped?

Also occurred to me, with the Riots in the UK it is just possible that such a technique could be used to instigate and continue that mess so these ads( if you can call them that) need stopping !!!

And thanks to those who have responded and who hopefully , like me , are seeking to take this seriously and get rid of it before it develops ( has a chance to )into something more sinister ..

  lotvic 11:25 14 Aug 11

If it can be stopped then I would think that ofcom.org.uk would be the place to go to find out. However I had a look at their Guidance Notes: "Rule 2.11 Subliminal Images An image (however brief) that can be seen by viewers is not subliminal"

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