The first Easter thread...

  JoE. 22:52 07 Nov 06

Just noticed FE in dismay at the first Christmas thread. See how he handles this :oP

...What, it is only 6 months away!

In a few years, supermarkets will be selling easter eggs before the new year, you mark my word. :oP

  wolfie3000 00:06 08 Nov 06

Whats the point JoE of starting a thread to wind up FE?

  hijo 09:51 08 Nov 06

"joe" i wouldnt go there mate this forum has a few people that dont like fun,they never smile & they never get out,i got griled last week for posting a joke,lesson ive since learned,i see your side to it but i also see "wolfie's" side,
i expect to get grilled by this responce from those very few...

  JoE. 22:38 08 Nov 06

No further response neeeded. Apologies.

  Forum Editor 23:05 08 Nov 06

"this forum has a few people that dont like fun,they never smile & they never get out"

That may be true, I wouldn't know.

The forum also has a few people who don't seem to be able to grow up and understand how to behave in a mature fashion. They think that because they think something's funny everyone else will too, and when they discover that isn't the case they resort to insulting the people who didn't share their childish sense of humour.

That's life, as they say, and it takes all sorts. etc., etc., but while I have anything to do with it we'll try to maintain a reasonable set of standards here. I think most people feel more comfortable in a forum that's run along those lines.

  josie mayhem 23:12 08 Nov 06

The good thing is that I know now that Cream Eggs are out...

As a diabetic they are well worth a pendiing hypo for.....

  Forum Editor 00:26 09 Nov 06

You like living on the edge, don't you?

  rodriguez 00:49 09 Nov 06

I like fun and I get out (Friday and Saturday nights up the pub) and I don't have a go at anyone really because I'm so nice. :-D Anyway, I'm careful around humour and what I post - sometimes I posted the odd thing that FE deleted but that was a while ago when I was new and I now know what's accepted by everyone on here. I like this place, it feels like a community and people who post regularly I recognise and it almost feels like I know them even though I don't...

  Kate B 10:43 09 Nov 06

I have noticed a decline in the ability to post and debate without resorting to insults; and a drop in the ability to back up sweeping statements with facts.

On fun, I am going out tomorrow night and am unlikely to be home before the sun is up on Saturday, so despite my advanced old age and ability to string together a grammatical and lucid sentence, I'm still well and truly up for fun.

  jack 19:47 09 Nov 06

FE wrote
josie mayhem-You like living on the edge, don't you?

Me too Ed,. life cant be all bread and marg and boiled cabbage. A little spoil yourself now and again makes you realize how lucky the others are.

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