laurie53 21:47 11 Jan 08

£300,000 is to be spent on a fireworks display (by a French company, so the money won't stay local) in Inverness to mark the end of the Highland 2007 festival.

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I would not wish to spoil anyone's party but I can't help feeling that with the Highlands not being the most prosperous region of the UK this money might have been better injected into the local economy.

  Quickbeam 23:58 11 Jan 08

Bet it was a bloody good display though. My £150 for my mum's 80th only lasted 20 minutes.

  Macscouse 00:10 12 Jan 08

It's on Saturday, lasts 14 minutes, and is being paid for out of the Inverness Common Good Fund. a lot of opposition as this fund is only for Inverness residents, and not for the Highlands. Various charities have had to close this year, as their backing has been curtailed by the Highland Council, but £250,000 can be lost in space in 14 minutes.

  robgf 02:46 12 Jan 08

Sounds like they should get Quickbeam to organise the display, might last longer than 14 minutes then.
£350 a second, yikes!! Glad it's not my money.

  Quickbeam 07:40 12 Jan 08

"£350 a second,"... that's cheap in world of pyrotechnics. The grand displays such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge one cost millions to put on.

Yes, you can always go the better spent on whatever route, but they do say "all work and no play"...

  laurie53 08:07 12 Jan 08

"It's their money..."

But that's the point, it's not. It's always somebody else's, in the case the good citizens of Inverness.

  Quickbeam 08:34 12 Jan 08

"It's their money"... "But that's the point, it's not"

How far do you take that argument, if a council does some recreational improvements that you don't approve of, or won't use, would you then object to paying into the pot?

"this fund is only for Inverness residents, and not for the Highlands"

Again, would you then say visitors from outside the borough can't sit on the park benches because they haven't paid into an Inverness community pot?

I'd just go 'an get my monies worth, my brother will be there, he likes fireworks too!

  newman35 08:57 12 Jan 08

There will be elections - that might be a time to exact your justice on whatever councillors backed the scheme.
Start campaigning now, while it's still 'news'.

  georgemac © 10:42 12 Jan 08

in my opinion, the money could be put to better use

  Cymro. 11:30 12 Jan 08

georgemac says "in my opinion, the money could be put to better use"

Yes i dare say it could and I can think of a few myself but as Quickbeam says "all work and no play"

Man does not live by bread alone etc.

  georgemac © 11:37 12 Jan 08

£350,000 for 14 minutes

I bet sporting or leisure facilities in Inverness could be considerably improved with that amount of money, and would last more than 14 minutes

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