Firefox problem with this site?

  riiverstock 11:39 02 May 07

IE7 is ok but Firefox can't access this site.

Anyone else?

  riiverstock 11:40 02 May 07

Should have said it was fine at around 11:15 ish.

  riiverstock 11:42 02 May 07

The error occurred in D:\websites\click here\includes\applicationconfig\postprep.cfm: line 25

23 :
24 : <!--- if they are not logged in then check for auto login, autologin will check for the cookie befor doing db lookup --->
25 : <cfif (session.cfcRegisteredUser.isLoggedIn() eq false)>
26 : <cfset session.cfcRegisteredUser.autologin()>
27 : </cfif>

  octal 12:31 02 May 07

I'm not at home at the moment to try my FF but try clearing out the Internet cache and see if that improves things.

  riiverstock 12:35 02 May 07

Just come back to it and it's ok now.

fourm member,not sure but there was 2 or 3 feathers on the floor.Anything to do with you?

  Forum Editor 23:44 02 May 07

was the new server acting the Prima donna, and we're on the case.

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