Finland folk song!

  JaneAusten 07:23 19 Oct 06

Whenever I need a quick pick-me-up I watch this;
it is very funny, and works every time!

It is a flash animation.

click here

Jane Austen.

  Sethhaniel 08:55 19 Oct 06

The Hampster Dance ;)

  JaneAusten 09:29 19 Oct 06

click here

And the quartet singing live!
click here

Sethhaniel, I am afraid to ask, (The Hampster Dance?).


  Sethhaniel 09:55 19 Oct 06
  def90csw 10:29 19 Oct 06

You have written some great books!
Oh and Finish song is so good.

  Apron 10:35 19 Oct 06

Thank you Sethhaniel
I have a three year old for the weekend, I am not good at toddlers, this will help a lot. Loved it incidentally, whether that remains the case come Sunday evening remains to be seen. Any more little folk entertainment?

  JaneAusten 10:39 19 Oct 06

Sethhaniel, thank you for enlightening me :-) now I know.

def90csw - the song is a little hypnotic.;)


  wolfie3000 11:40 19 Oct 06

This song always cheers me up when i need a lift.

click here

Weird but funny.

BTW i love the leek song lol

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