Find Out Nuisance Telephone Call Numbers.

  Ex plorer 15:09 07 Dec 10

Next time you get a nuisance call try click here
if you can track the number on 1471.

  gengiscant 17:08 07 Dec 10

or this click here
and this click here

  Covergirl 20:04 07 Dec 10

Works for me (and many others) and eliminates the nuisance factor

  morddwyd 21:19 07 Dec 10

TPS gives very patchy results.

I still used to get up to half a dozen a week, sometimes more.

I now use TrueCall.

That really is 100% effective.

  KremmenUK 06:50 08 Dec 10

Unfortunately the TPS has no jurisdiction over Overseas calls.

There are/were a few regular ones that I have blocked locally via my new Panasonic phone. Lovely new Panasonic feature that you can set up to 20 barred numbers providing they come up on Caller ID :)

  interzone55 09:10 08 Dec 10

I'm registered with TPS but still get an average of 5 calls a week from either withheld or international numbers. These calls are almost always during the day so don't get answered as I'm at work.
Very occasionally a call goes to answer machine so I get a message "press 9 for instant dial back", which of course I most definitely don't do.

Once in a blue moon I get these calls during the evening so I have the pleasure of slamming the phone down on these pests.

TPS is entirely toothless against international phone spam, and now these calls are incredibly cheap using either spare satellite capacity or VOIP services I can only see an increase in these nuisance calls...

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