Final warning

  Forum Editor 18:09 15 Aug 11

I hate doing this, but I'm left with little choice.

Despite my recent warning I regret to note that certain people persist in making derogatory personal comments about other forum users. I'm not naming names - they know who they are.

This is to make it perfectly clear that I'm not going to tolerate personal abuse of one person by another under any circumstances. By all means argue your point vigorously, express your opinion forcefully, contest another person's assertions - those are all legitimate ways of debating a topic, and we're here for that purpose.

Break the forum rule about personal abuse though, and you'll see your post deleted without warning or explanation. Do it repeatedly and you'll find yourself unable to log in to the forum. Those of you who have been previously warned will get no further reminders. It might sound harsh, but I'm tired of asking nicely and being ignored.

  Bingalau 13:23 16 Aug 11

Brumas and Macscouse must be having their afternoon nap in their "Retirement Home for the Bewildered".

  spider9 20:49 16 Aug 11

FE "it takes two people to make an argument turn nasty"

I agree with that, it does take two, and I apologised early in this thread because I accepted it was myself and another who precipitated your displeasure.

However, as I pointed out, the other 'wrong un' (to quote another poster) goes merrily on and obviously feels that it only takes 'one' - and it's never him - thus accepting no responsibility for the fracas.

Therein, the explanation of much of the cause of people's ire.

  Bingalau 21:10 16 Aug 11

Macscouse. Regret to say that I am "on the Waggon" and don't think there is much chance of getting off it until after I see the consultant again which is in November. So can you put the "Dark and Stormy" on ice please?

Brumas! What did your mum tell you about chewing the pages in that dictionary? I bet you swallowed some of them. Serves you right.

Hope you two enjoyed your afternoon nap. That's where I am off to right now because I am up early in the morning. Off on a little trip out for the day with another gang of old fogies. Have a nice day....

  Forum Editor 23:41 16 Aug 11

My thanks to everyone who responded - positively or negatively.

I've made my point, and now I'm sure we have more interesting stuff to discuss.

  lotvic 14:00 16 Aug 11

Bingalau, yes, they probably got the 'Please Wait' message...

On a more sombre note, I too refrain from posting on a lot of the Threads because of the petty squabbles.

  Graphicool1 14:28 16 Aug 11


I too recently had a post removed from a thread called..."Did violent video games cause London riots?" Although I can understand that a Forum has to have rules. Still, I feel that if it decided that a post should be removed then the person who posted it should be informed as to the reason. As you have already said it isn't the policy of PCA to do so, why not? I thought that my piece although a little radical, was bang on the money. Apart from that I saw no problem with it?

I feel that a personal email as to the reason for a posting being removed wouldn't go amiss. More than that, it would leave the author in no doubt as to the reason. If on the other hand there were 20+ removals a day, then I can see why this wouldn't - from your point of view - be practical.

I look forward to reading your thoughts on this suggestion.

  Brumas 14:40 16 Aug 11

Bingalau, I am a reformed person and I have now seen the error of my ways. In my crusade to inject some verisimilitude into my frequent personal diatribes I realise that life is too short and you, being 103 years old, need all the kindness and understanding you can get.

As for Macscouse, I cannot comment but I suspect too that he is also under the impression that you are not such a bad stick after all - for an ex-bootie that is! ;o}}

  Covergirl 15:29 16 Aug 11


I would have thought the FE was too busy to issue what would effect to "warning notices" in the form of a "reason" email to each person when he had to delete a posting.

I've had one or two removed and whilst I can't remember the exact wording, I knew at the time I posted that I was being controversial, cruel or unkind.

You must know what you wrote, therefore you must have an idea of why your post was deleted - just leave it at that and think yourself lucky you weren't sin-binned.

  Graphicool1 16:07 16 Aug 11

Hi Covergirl

I too am busy, but I felt that the question was one that I could contribute to. So I took the time and took a break from my busy schedual to make my point on this serious matter.

I know exactly what I wrote, word for word, because I always keep the good stuff! That's the very reason that I can't let it go that easially. I could/can see nothing in it that would warrant it being lifted. Radical, maybe, toungue in cheek definately.

Perhaps the FE is religious and it was the references to 'Darwins Theory of Evolusion' that wrankled him. I don't know, I can only make guesses 'Perhaps' is all I have to cling to, when I don't know the reason why?.

  Crosstrainer2 16:50 16 Aug 11

Or an ASBO?


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