Filling out forms in black ink

  JanetO 14:05 21 Apr 08

I just completed my mum's postal vote for the forthcoming elections and after she'd signed in blue pen (with athritic difficulty) I discovered it should have been signed in black pen so had to get her to sign again. I know it may seem pernickerty for me to raise this point but surely in today's technology I would have thought computer scanners would have been able to pick up any coloured ink. Why does it have to be black? Surely blue it just has scanable.

  peter99co 14:15 21 Apr 08

Blue does not photocopy very well. I filled in a 35 page form and then read the black remark.

  Quickbeam 14:19 21 Apr 08

If it's a job application and you use blue, you might as well not send it in. That doesn't say much about your ability or suitability...

  Coffee Adict 14:23 21 Apr 08

I was always led to believe that black ink contained a metallic component which made it harder to erase, which is why one was always advised to write cheques in black ink. This may be an urban myth, but I always use black ink, just in case you understand.

  carmichy 14:33 21 Apr 08

When I worked for a Local Authority I always had to sign my letters with blue ink to show it was not a photocopy

  Pineman100 15:13 21 Apr 08

Well - not a colour photocopy, anyway!

  pj123 15:41 21 Apr 08

Not just in black ink but in CAPITALS as well.

  interzone55 16:06 21 Apr 08

Many forms are scanned for archiving.

The batch scanning machines used are amazingly fast, but scan a low bit rates to keep file sizes & processing requirements as low as possible. For this reason there needs to be as much contrast between the ink & paper as possible.

One place I worked we archived all customer letters with an Epson batch scanner, it worked at about 120 pages a minute and no-one watched it work, it was just fed piles of paper every 10 minutes or so.

Problems often arose when we looked up a letter at a later date and the TIFF file was unreadable. It was then my job to go down into the bowels of the earth to retrieve the original letter...

  tullie 16:09 21 Apr 08

Its common knowledge that everyone prefers black ink,as others have stated.

  Bingalau 16:45 21 Apr 08

Whatever happened to "Stephen's Blue-Black ink"? By the way that reminds me of another song... But the FE might be watching.

  tullie 16:48 21 Apr 08

Never heard of that,i can only go back to the fortys

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