ams4127 22:33 01 Jun 11

As some people here know only too well, I am not a footballist. Therefore I hope someone who is, can explain a few things to me.

  1. How can there be an election for FIFA President when there is only one candidate?

  2. As far as choosing which country will host the World Cup in a ceratin year is concerned, if six countries are willing to do so, then why are the names of those countries not put into a hat (in front of TV cameras) and one pulled out? Surely that method would mean that bribery and corruption would become a thing of the past. All the committee members would have to do is to make sure that the winning country has the facilities ready in time.

I realise that this method of choosing the host nation would mean a top to bottom overhaul of FIFA and it's rules, but it would stop the world being treated to the ludicrous behaviour shown over the last few weeks.

Perhaps some of you may like to pass comment....!

  ams4127 22:35 01 Jun 11

Oops! ceratin = certain. Apologies.

  Strawballs 22:43 01 Jun 11

It's a bit like elections in places like Zimbabwe they are dictatorships

  Autoschediastic 22:46 01 Jun 11

"ams" i am the same i dont follow f/ball! but what you have got here is some VERY intresting and good points! especially the last one!

  Forum Editor 00:52 02 Jun 11

"why are the names of those countries not put into a hat (in front of TV cameras) and one pulled out?"

Because theoretically it might result in a single country coming out of the hat every time.

How can there be an election for FIFA President when there is only one candidate?

Because there has to be a chance for a vote. The alternative - if nobody else was up for election - would be to keep the current incumbent in office by default.

  Quickbeam 08:16 02 Jun 11

Q "How can there be an election for FIFA President when there is only one candidate?" **

A** as per the Fe's, but it carries as much credibility as Gordon Brown's election to PM, so I can't see how he feels elated over winning an election that will be viewed as as poisoned challis by everyone except himself!

  al's left peg 08:21 02 Jun 11

After yesterdays vote, I think we can safely say that England will not be hosting the world cup till around about the year 3036!!!!

  Bingalau 11:21 02 Jun 11

Quickbeam. If he's on the "fiddle" he might very well get re-strung...

  Quickbeam 12:27 02 Jun 11

...and drop tuned!

  ams4127 21:43 02 Jun 11

Thanks for all the replies, but none explain why something as simple as drawing a name from a hat has been made so complex.

The way things are done now is an open invitation for corruption and, it seems to me, as if everyone wants this to continue thus leading to more allegations of bribery, backhanders etc.

Mind you, I don't think that Formula 1 is very far behind football in the odd shady deal or two.

Having been cold shouldered by FIFA about both the election for President and the calling for enquiries into allegations of corruption, the only honourable course for English football is to withdraw from the World Cup entirely. And the chances of that happening are about zero.

What price ethics?

  bremner 22:14 02 Jun 11

What FIFA needs is openness and transparency.

A first step to putting things right is the change to all 208 members voting rather than the 'elite' 24. It is much harder to corrupt this many people than just 24.

The next stage should be that the voting be done in public so that it can be seen who is voting for whom.

Then the top job of President should be for a maximum of two 4 year terms.

Finally there should be a totally independent oversight group that has the power to audit and examine all aspects of the executive wherever and whenever it likes.

Will we see the last three steps in the reign of Emperor Sepp - not a snowballs chance in hell I should think.

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