A few brilliant photos..

  ams4127 19:15 PM 06 Sep 11
  sunnystaines 20:18 PM 06 Sep 11

nice ones

  Colonel Graham 23:09 PM 06 Sep 11

Thanks for the link.

  Kevscar1 04:35 AM 07 Sep 11

If you want the best space ones.


  Crosstrainer2 07:21 AM 07 Sep 11

If you have an iPad or mac, I highly recommend you install the free NASA app.....Superb high def images, updated regularly, and all can be saved to your camera roll for wallpaper or viewing on TV. Great fun!

  Aitchbee 08:30 AM 07 Sep 11

ams4127 and Kevscar thanks for the info, I have just created a new folder in my favourites - 'Space The Final Frontier'

  ams4127 18:42 PM 07 Sep 11


I do indeed have that app and it is excellent.


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