FE whats your reason for locking my threads?

  GEEKSTA 17:33 28 Mar 08

FE whats your reason for locking my threads??


  Kemistri 17:43 28 Mar 08

I think that the first part of the above is a very reasonable question. The second part is not very reasonable at all, though, is it? If you had thought about it for a moment...

  anskyber 17:45 28 Mar 08

A polite suggestion.

Close this thread and ask him through "Contact Forum Editor"

I have read, almost without number, the posts of the FE and I can assure you the last thing he is will be a racist.

  Cymro. 17:56 28 Mar 08

I agree that people deserve a better explanation from F.E. as to why their threads are locked and some of the rest of us would like to be told if only to satisfy our curiosity.

As for RACIST, I have had my arguments with him but racist he is not. He may well contact you via your Email system.

  Bingalau 18:26 28 Mar 08

Geeksta. I would think for a start, it is probably your attitude.

  pchelper001 18:32 28 Mar 08

how can the FE be racist??? he knows none of us..

GEEKSTA...have a chat with the FE instead of all this.

  bremner 18:33 28 Mar 08

Why the stocks and shares thread was locked is a no brainer.

It is the same as why threads asking medical advice have been locked.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:38 28 Mar 08

The price you pay for electricity is printed on the back of your bill.

and if you have to ask why the stocks and share one was locked???? especially in these days of litigation!!!

  tullie 18:41 28 Mar 08

Im not surprised FE locked them

  STREETWORK 18:41 28 Mar 08

What were the purpose of your threads?

This is hardly the place to seek stock information, let alone slag anyone off...

Why am I bothering to reply?


  Chris the Ancient 18:52 28 Mar 08


I'm running a private sweepstake with myself as to when this one gets locked or deleted!

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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