Favourite "undiscovered" music

  doctor92 21:04 02 Sep 06

I have recently "discovered" Warren Zevon and The Proclaimers, both of which I now think are marvellous, but you never hear much of them, probably because they are both only really known for one song each (Werevolves of London and Letter from America respectively). What are everyones top tips for the best kept secrets in music?

  spikeychris 21:08 02 Sep 06

My wife saw the proclaimers at a "party in the park" event. She fell in love with them!...Why?

  doctor92 21:10 02 Sep 06

but they really are very good. Try "The Light", or "what makes you cry?" for starters

  rdave13 21:47 02 Sep 06

For me the best musicians and singers of all modern music was Queen. Put the Beatles in the shade and the group came to a premature end because of Mercury's death.

Genius' in the modern music world never to be equaled.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:04 02 Sep 06

Trans Siberian Orchestra. No contest. click here


  Mr Mistoffelees 22:23 02 Sep 06

Especially, In The Land Of Grey And Pink.

click here

  lisa02 22:23 02 Sep 06

click here

Remember this Gandalf? I do love their music.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:30 02 Sep 06

Got all their albums.


  hzhzhzhz 22:30 02 Sep 06

Warren Zevon died last year unfortunately.

"The Blue Nile" made a rather good album in the late eighties called "A walk across the rooftops".

"The colour of spring" by a band called Talk Talk rates as one of the best albums ever made, I think.

  leo49 22:31 02 Sep 06

As it's the 3rd anniversary of Warren Zevon's death next Tuesday[7th Sept] it's not surprising his gigs have been few and far between recently.

  leo49 22:33 02 Sep 06

Not so - he died of cancer in 2003

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