Farnborough Air Show

  Dizzy Bob 13:47 19 Jul 10

Any PCA members going.

I work about 250yds from the Airfield, and the noise today is awesome at times.

(Waiting for the Typhoon at 14.10)!!

Also this year, the Battle of Britain Memorial flight, Avro Vulcan, Red Arrows, F-22 and on and on!

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  Pineman100 15:54 19 Jul 10

When I was a boy I used to cycle out to a road that ran past the end of the runway of the V-Bomber base at RAF Gaydon, in Warwickshire. I would sit and wait any amount of time for a Vulcan to take off, right over my head.

The sound was at once terrifying and elating. It rattled your eardrums and massaged your innards!

Obviously you won't experience it on this clip!

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  Quickbeam 16:31 19 Jul 10

Before RAF Finningley was converted to the tame and sober sounding Robin Hood airport, the highlight of the airshow was the three vulcan scramble. All three were into the air within a couple of minutes, that made any awesome aircraft noise sound like a rubber band model!

  sunnystaines 16:45 19 Jul 10

many years ago we used to park on the hill by the runway nr a bmw garage, are you still allowed to park there if so i might pop down during the week

  Quickbeam 17:07 19 Jul 10

Surprisingly no one has put one of the display scrambles on Youtube, but I found this '50s propaganda film with them in their original anti flash white, no doubt made to convince us why we had to spend so much on the nuclear deterrent click here but that's another story.

  wee eddie 17:25 19 Jul 10

Whether such a force would have succeeded in delivering it's payload, but the fact is that during a period of aggressive Soviet Empire Building the deterrent worked.

  morddwyd 20:31 19 Jul 10

Went to Farnborough a couple of times on "trade/press" days, which is very civilized.

The secret is not just getting a ticket, but getting a ticket to the best hospitality suite for a decent lunch!

Thank you Marconi Space & Defence Systems (Now defunct)!

  Dizzy Bob 12:32 20 Jul 10

All of the roads near the airshow are enfoced no parking zones for the duration, and a lot of the roads are on a temporary one way system, which reverses morning to evening.

Most of the vantage points are taken very early.

I am fortunate in that the take off / landing (depending on wind) is directly over the car park at work!


  sunnystaines 12:38 20 Jul 10

looks like i will miss it this year.not been since very early 80's.

in late 60's used to go each time as it was not so high a cost to get in.

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