Is this Farage desperation, or idiocy?

  spider9 08:45 08 Dec 14

How low can UKIP sink in pushing their desperate immigration policies?

M4 blockage!

  spider9 11:26 08 Dec 14

Yes, been a bad week for UKIP following Farage and his breast feeding gaffe - anyone still intending to vote for this man needs psychiatric help I reckon!

  spuds 11:26 08 Dec 14

Obviously some people are very anti UKIP, and that is their choice. But at the same time, perhaps they might open their eyes to how other politicians deal with similar issues. No politician is immune to making a few goofs, and this is when the 'anti' or the media try to have a field day. Its been going on for years.

British politics is in a mess, and no matter how many times we hear about "lessons will be learned", they never seem likely, because of the 'old age' systems in place.

Wasn't the Lib Dems under the leadership of Jenkins et al, going to change UK politics, and hasn't that failed dramatically. UKIP is yet another chapter, and the public have their choice, whether some people like it or not!.

  spider9 11:31 08 Dec 14


But to blame motorway traffic congestion on immigrants, surely strikes a new low in political debating??

  spuds 12:31 08 Dec 14

spider9 - "But to blame motorway traffic congestion on immigrants, surely strikes a new low in political debating??"

I wouldn't know anything about that, other than the motorways, canal's and possibly many other construction enterprise were reliant on immigrant labour and experiences. I personally think that the immigration topic needs to be taken on the basis of how people think and see before them, not on a quote from the media or one persons strong political views. This island is only a very small place, which can only accommodate so many. But it would appear that this country is a 'easy touch' compared to some countries, immigrants have used to the advantage of getting here to the UK.

Rumpelteazer "Everybody knows the M4 is always busy.". So are most road, rail and air services, and sometimes schedules, no matter how fine that are cut, can lead to failures and even last minute cancellations. Perhaps UKIP should use personal aircraft or helicopters, like other political parties might use on occasions, or even have escorted police provisions. Just fancy the headlines that would draw. Its a no win situation!.

This is possibly my last comment to this thread, because I have the strong feeling that its going to turn out to be another one of those argumentative and personal insult posts, that usually occurs on topics of this kind.

  spider9 13:07 08 Dec 14


"..not on a quote from the media "

It wasn't a media quote, Farage can be seen in the BBC video clip (in the link I posted) actually saying it.

You really think Farage doesn't use personal aircraft etc?!!

  spider9 14:23 08 Dec 14


" Fridays and Mondays are the worst days to travel "

Agreed, but would you not expect the leader of (what is now?) a serious political party, to have had advice to this effect prior to travelling - particularly when people had paid £25 a head to meet him!! Then, to link his tardiness to immigration was really scraping the barrel.

  Pine Man 15:45 08 Dec 14

'it has to be UKIP. Why, Not because I want to but because I have to.'

Because you have to?

For goodness sake!!

  kad292 16:52 08 Dec 14

If there is one person who can defeat UKIP it is Farage himself,his ability to attract others whose mouths appear to be larger than their IQ's is another reason to seriously question this parties claims.

  Pine Man 17:50 08 Dec 14

'I have a vote and I will use it.'

For someone you don't want to vote for - that sounds like a really good use of a vote.

For goodness sake - again!

  john bunyan 18:08 08 Dec 14

UKIP are like all the others with their staff

UKIP General Secretary suspended

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