Fantasy Christmas...

  Quickbeam 26 Nov 12

Get your Hobbit feet dusted off and look for a cinema near you that allows you to light up your finest South Farthing pipe weed in your clay pipes to enjoy it with the greatest realistic experience...:)

An Unexpected Journey

  tullie 26 Nov 12

Will FE allow your use of the C word in your title?

  Quickbeam 26 Nov 12

It's a pity that Oz The Great and Powerful isn't also being released in time for Crimbo as the original is always considered to be a Christmas holiday film.

  Quickbeam 26 Nov 12

I believe that we have reached the due 'C' release date...

  Forum Editor 26 Nov 12

Your link goes to the MSN video preview page - they change all the time.

  Forum Editor 26 Nov 12

"Will FE allow your use of the C word in your title?"

He will now, the start date is 25th November.

  Quickbeam 26 Nov 12

I didn't realise that FE, but the right hand side has the recent trailers withem on there.

Excuse me while I light my pipe and pull my hood up...

  Quickbeam 26 Nov 12

You Tube links:

An Unexpected Journey

Oz The Great and Powerful

Have I invented a new word by combining with and them together?

  Aitchbee 26 Nov 12

Quickbeam - type withem into the search box ... you'll find that a couple people beat you to it ;o)

  spuds 27 Nov 12

Taking the title heading a little further, our local community events team had a Christmas Fayre complete with Santa and his Grotto and little helpers last Saturday. I think next year they are planning for the event in August :O)

  Quickbeam 27 Nov 12

The FE might have to modify his Xmas mention day to take into account the change in public opinion.


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