Family PC probs again.

  rdave13 20:25 27 Sep 08

Spent afternoon cleaning a family member's PC again. This time the mother of infections and I couldn't believe the mess it was in. Mcafee security center corrupted, Commodo firewall corrupted (that's what you get for having two firewalls running), Antivirus 2009 running well, Zlob, Platte Account, you name it with the exception of Vundo. Fortunately enough could get online through task manager and could clean the machine using Malwarebyte's antimalware and SAS mainly.
Grateful to Fruit Bat /\0/\'s solution to rid it of Platte Account (MBS).
Also very grateful of this forum as over the years I've learnt all I know (mostly) about PCs.
So thanks to all who contribute answers to problems here and to PCA.
Now the only problem I have is to drum into family member that nothing is for nothing and Common Sense should be used when surfing.
I suppose I'll be back in that house again in the not too distant future....sigh.

  wee eddie 21:07 27 Sep 08

Google it ~ It appears to be a nasty infection.

  rdave13 21:18 27 Sep 08

Thanks wee eddie. MBA and SAS got rid of it and without going to safe mode. A bit of sarcasm on my part about A. 2009 running well LoL. It's just that some people don't listen, or don't want to. It makes it worse as they're family. Wonder if anyone else has a similar 'family' member who'll not hesitate to call you for help when the PC is stuffed through their actions and this is the third time in less than 12 months.

  MAJ 23:15 27 Sep 08

lol, I know where you're coming from, rdave13. Sometimes I don't even bother cleaning them, I just reformat and install Windows again, at least they take my advice about backing up their important 'stuff'.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:15 28 Sep 08

Antivirus 2009 is a big problem and I have seen many computers infected with it. Some computers have their task manager disabled and their C drive. To get to it I have to take out the drive and attach it to my computer or go to Admin tools-disk management and right click on the drive to access it.

This just illustrates what I have rabbited on about for years, especially to the half-wits that run malware forums and the like, who seem to think that they are knights in shining matter what security programmes you have, if you give permission for a file to run (even inadvertently),no amount of 'protection' will help.

People rely too much on countless security programes which are pimped on the 'security' sites, when all they need is a free AV and a tiny bit of common sense.


  Bingalau 10:33 28 Sep 08

I'm on Virgin Broadband (Cable) and it runs an anti spy-ware and anti virus update nearly every morning. It has its own firewall too. So I hope that is enough. I get any music I want from iTunes and any advice I need from this site. I keep off the internet otherwise unless it is to access a well regulated site such as the BBC. But I still have doubts about whether or not my machine is safe.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:38 28 Sep 08

' it runs an anti spy-ware and anti virus update nearly every morning. It has its own firewall too' as I keep writing (and see the first posting for the owners' security specs)common sense is all that is required. If you run the file NO AMOUNT of security progs will help.


  Forum Editor 11:42 28 Sep 08

with what GANDALF <|:-)> says - if you allow a file to run on your machine you are at risk, regardless of what security software you have onboard.

The software companies which produce all those programs which are called 'anti' something have a vested interest in wanting you to feel totally bomb-proof, and for millions of people it works.

Equipped with their shiny new digital safety belts they roar off onto the internet freeway, convinced that they're safe from harm. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  User-994545 13:32 28 Sep 08

to think you are safe with Virgins "security " "bulldog" was the one they tried to get my ex to wishful and novices think firewall warnings are a pop up they can get around just by clicking OK.

  kooldude1122 15:03 28 Sep 08

but some companies add virus software on if you don't renew!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:07 28 Sep 08

'but some companies add virus software on if you don't renew!!
'...utter rubbish.


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