Falling Sand Game

  techie4me 11:46 15 Apr 08

click here
Is it just me or is this addictive!

  Forum Editor 17:29 15 Apr 08

it's just you.

  iqs 17:52 15 Apr 08

techie4me,what are the insructions???,cheers

  Brumas 18:01 15 Apr 08

Looks like what I imagine the view would be through the window of the Eurostar going through the tunnel during a blackout - oh, and for good measure during an electrical storm. *tongue firmly in cheek*

  rossgolf 18:27 15 Apr 08

you having a bad day or just posting in the wrong thread? lol

  Brumas 21:10 15 Apr 08

The F.E's 16:42 reply in the "My apologies to anyone who has emailed me..." post prompted this but re-reading this now makes me realise how daft it sounds - I never could get the hang of being facetious :o))

  rossgolf 21:19 15 Apr 08


  Covergirl 22:21 15 Apr 08

Wondows has blocked this (Active X) software because it can't verify the publisher. Good old Vista - saved again !

  Coffee Adict 22:32 15 Apr 08

Don't worry techie4me, some people just have no imagination, its like playing in the sandbox but without the sand getting into those places you'd rather it didn't.

  interzone55 09:13 16 Apr 08

I enjoyed this, although I couldn't figure out how to control the bouncing thing.

I've seen a fantastic game for the iPhone which is similar, but it makes use of the phone's accelerometer so moving the phone causes the sand to move as well, spin the phone round & the sand all flows the other way, fantastic fun...

  DANZIG 11:09 16 Apr 08

Bizarrely relaxing....

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