Faith in people, excellent story

  Blackhat 18 Jun 12

1000 quid blown away

Any experiences that have built your faith in peaple?

  Aitchbee 18 Jun 12

I recently went to a cash-machine and took out a tenner - for some reason I walked away without taking the note...after a few steps a young lady said..' have left your money'.I will never forget that.

  Aitchbee 23 Jun 12

On the other hand, my GP (a lady doctor) told me to 'trust no one'.

Trust and Faith are different concepts.

  rdave13 23 Jun 12

I think the majority of people are honest in this country - it's just the minority that cause the problems. Nice story nonetheless.

  woody 23 Jun 12

See yougov "quote - Most Britons believe that over the last decade, the nation has become more dishonest, with 4 out of 5 believing ‘personal gain’ will generally beat ‘honesty and integrity’ "end quote

There are still a lot of nice people but i think we are going down hill.

  rdave13 23 Jun 12

woody I also think that society is going "down hill" but if truth be told, who, in their right minds, would withdraw a grand at an ATM? To pay car insurance?

If not a mugger's dream then nature, through a simple trip, would gladly take over. This chap was lucky. This chap was undoubtedly stupid.

  Forum Editor 23 Jun 12


"who, in their right minds, would withdraw a grand at an ATM? To pay car insurance?"

Pay attention - he didn't withdraw the money at an ATM, he withdrew it from the bank. You can't get £1000 from an ATM in any case.

  rdave13 24 Jun 12

Forum Editor Quite right and I'm guilty of not taking notes.

Who in their right minds would go to a Bank and withdraw............ never mind.

I'll go back to listening to music :)

PS. I sometimes copy my reply and it's good that I did so because as I tried to post I was logged out.

  spider9 24 Jun 12


I, also, regularly make cash withdrawals of this size from my local branch, and the purpose is my own business - and, believe me, I am in my right mind!


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