Facebook to go Public

  wee eddie 03 Feb 12

What do they know that we don't?

Most Internet Companies "Go Public" when they feel that their Market has peaked and that this is the point that they, the "Current Owners", will realise the maximum value for their holdings.

Traditionally, the reason for Going Public was to raise Extra Capital, but Facebooks recent figures sugest that this is an unlikely reason.

So look around before you decide to buy.

Has the Facebook Model started to fail?

Are they about to loose a Legal battle of some kind?

Has someone been telling porkies?

Will Facebook be worth the same as Friends Reunited in a couple of years?

Of course, it might be worth Stagging, but I wouldn't hold onto any such Stock beyond the first Dividend.

  wiz-king 03 Feb 12

I'll tell Sid!

  Aitchbee 03 Feb 12

If facebook closes, I reckon facebook 2 will come to the rescue. 100 million users left in Limboland....now that would bring 'em (Facebookers) down to earth!

  spuds 03 Feb 12

There's been quite a few stories about this, and one is how secretive the company is. Apparently there have been $billion offers in the past, and these were all rejected, because the owners didn't feel that it was right to sell.

Whatever the case, it would appear that one 'graffiti' artist might pocket about $124 million, because he chose 'future' options, and not payment at the time for his commissioned work.

  Forum Editor 04 Feb 12

"Has the Facebook Model started to fail?"

In 2008 the business turned over $153 million.

In 2011 turnover was just over $3.7 billion.

The company has just under $4 billion cash in the bank.

From zero in 2004 to $4 billion eight years later. Some failure.

Mark Zuckerberg is 27 years old, and his personal share of the company will make him worth around $28 billion. In his position would you be worrying unduly about what was going to happen to the business in a few years?

  interzone55 04 Feb 12

I've just read that Mark Zuckerberg's personal tax bill from the IPO is likely to be in the region of $1.5 billion, and he's already planning to sell enough shares to pay this bill.

The Register link


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