Facebook Etiquette

  BT 09:06 01 Sep 11

Facebook as it might have been in the '60s

Facebook Etiquette

  Crosstrainer2 10:59 01 Sep 11

Very funny, love the kit! Certain amount of truth in there though lol !

  Quickbeam 11:02 01 Sep 11

"Facebook is like the Hotel California. You can check out, but you can never? leave."

Rule 101. Don't steal and abuse well loved song titles or lines, or one of these nights, along the rocky mountain way, you'll meet that witchy woman, who'll throw her tequila sunrise, right into your lyin' eyes.

So take it easy, with a peaceful easy feeling, on the back of that flatbed Ford, like the new kid in town, or one of these nights, while living life in the fast lane, as you take it to the limit one more time, that victim of love, desperado woman will give you heartache tonight.

After the thrill is gone, as you muse on the border, just get over it, life's been good so far...

  finerty 14:08 01 Sep 11

Sorry BT i have to break with you im going out with the Pink Panther. I promise not post any embarrassing pictures we had yours truly inspector clusueo

our time together

good thing we it wasn't as electrifying

  Quickbeam 14:54 01 Sep 11

A very quiet day here at the sad cafe!


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