Facebook changes (Going too far now)

  Autoschediastic 22 Sep 11

Just checked my FB and yet ANOTHER change with the iface? wth have they done this time its a bloody right mess? navigation is just terrible now! why fix it if it wasnt bust, on my wall there is around 80 people complaining to me about the state of the profile pages, why cant they be like other companies before they change they politely ASK if you want to change to the new version instead of no warning and no option to stick with the old one?

A few of my friends have also stated they are seriously considering Google Plus and shutting down their FB accounts..

  Autoschediastic 22 Sep 11

Just to add has anyone tried to change the settings? what a bloody mess? whilst FB may not be everyones cuppa tea which i appreciate some people are more private then others, ive used i9t for making contact with people ive met over the years before the likes of the net and i tested fb some years ago to see if i was able to connect back and i was overwhelmed i found 99% of everyone i wanted too but now even i am thinking of shutting it down..there is just better alternatives now that stick to the same iface and at least show some line of respect to its users...

FYI one of my contacts who is closing her account down is doing so cause she has just found photos of her daughter online who is just 5 years old? when you upload a photo to FB apparently ive been told you then dont own it FB does and they can do whatever they want to? can anyone clarify this pls...

  rdave13 22 Sep 11

Have a look here.

  Kevscar1 22 Sep 11

rdave your link shows why I have always used Photobucket. If you don't read the small print you shouldn't complain.

  Aitchbee 22 Sep 11

I do not use facebook ( and never will) so I don't know what I am missing.

  Woolwell 22 Sep 11

Unless I'm missing something it's not a major change.

AitchBEE - what is the point of posting about something you don't use?

  Aitchbee 22 Sep 11

Woolwell - my negativity regarding facebook is a personal thing...which I would not like to divulge to other happy facebook users.It might upset them.

  morddwyd 22 Sep 11

Then why post about it?

It's not compulsory to respond to every thread you know!

  cycoze 22 Sep 11

Facebook, have to say about any site,forum etc making changes is up to them, not the users/members, if anyone does not like the way things are done they don't have to use it and have the power to close the page at their fingertips.

I use several sites regularly including social types, most update every year in an effort to improve the site, we lose some facilities and gain others, it is better than getting stuck in a rut.

Regards "FYI one of my contacts who is closing her account down is doing so cause she has just found photos of her daughter online who is just 5 years old?" someone had to post those images in the first place, probably family or the friend themselves, if their friends or family then copy those images and post them on it is their fault not the sites fault! If you don't want it on-line then don't put it on-line!

I think most of the sites putting up disclaimers re images are just covering their own backsides not trying to steal anyone elses Intellectual Property, I know I own my the copyright to my images and would not post them full sized anywhere, people will still steal them and digitally enlarge them to try and sell, but that's another problem entirely.

  Joseph Kerr 23 Sep 11

Hmmm. Maybe it should be compulsory to reply to every thread...

Or, maybe, if you don't keep posting at a certain rate, you should be banned...

  Strawballs 23 Sep 11

As said before if you don't like something stop using it, if enough people stop then they will have to respond or go the way of others like Myspace.


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