F1 night racing...

  Quickbeam 19:02 29 Sep 08

What did you make of it?

I'm no particular fan of F1, but watched some of it just now on ITV4 because it was a night race. I thought something was missing, only now after seeing it I know. The poor lighting made the whole spectacle seem dim and subdued compared to the usual bright sunlit conditions, losing the glamour appeal. It sort of gives the impression that a third world TV company covered it...

  canarieslover 19:50 29 Sep 08

Generally as uninteresting as usual. Extremely difficult circuit to overtake on. Trulli with a full fuel load was able to hold up Alonso who only had enough for a few laps. Luck played a large part in what should have been a display of skill. I had the feeling that this GP has just been put into the program to create a bit more money.

  egapup 19:57 29 Sep 08

Ferrari done well.....snigger snigger

  tullie 20:04 29 Sep 08

Ferrari did well also.

  Jim Thing 20:14 29 Sep 08

"I had the feeling that this GP has just been put into the program to create a bit more money."

Oh surely not! How very cynical of you. [BIG grin]

  Quickbeam 20:41 29 Sep 08

But what did you make of the night time concept?

  canarieslover 21:03 29 Sep 08

It certainly didn't have the same night time feel of Le Mans where cars need headlights. It just seemed like a dull overcast day with the amount of floodlighting that was used. Mind you I was flipping channels and watching the cycling World Championship Men's Road Race. Much more exciting!!

  birdface 21:07 29 Sep 08

As bad as the daytime concept.It would be a toss up between watching Opera or motor racing.One is as boring as the other.Although I don't like either of them I am sure that there is a few who do.

  peter99co 21:12 29 Sep 08

But what did you make of the night time concept?

Cold Light and Concrete in abundance.
Not in anyway a Green Event.

  birdface 21:35 29 Sep 08

Never seen much of it but was not impressed with the highlight's that I did see.Too much concrete about and only a matter of time before there is a nasty accident.I don't think it was very successful but then I don't know a lot about it.Just a general opinion.Would I pay to go and watch it.No. Would I go If I got free tickets.No.

  Charence 21:58 29 Sep 08

I don't being Green was one of their main concerns...

The race itself didn't seem that dark since there were so many lights. It would have been more interesting to fit headlights onto the cars and switch off the track lights...

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