Extreme Shepherding

  interzone55 20:35 19 Mar 09

One man, his dog, some sheep and lots of LEDs

click here

  sunnystaines 22:43 19 Mar 09

nice one

  Blackhat 23:21 19 Mar 09

Is that for real???

nearly had an accident laughing when the tennis game started!

Baa vinci looks a bit contrived.

Would love to believe its for real, any chance of confirming authenticity?

  Charence 00:33 20 Mar 09


  Kevscar1 04:50 20 Mar 09

No doubt some PC moron will see this and complain about cruelty to animals

  Esc4p3 09:18 20 Mar 09

This is brilliant, what on earth made them think of doing it. I hope it is for real. Cheered up my Friday, thanks.

  Cymro. 11:11 20 Mar 09

Well at least it is a change from what we Welsh are usually accused of doing to our sheep!

  oldbeefer2 11:21 20 Mar 09

Are you serious?!

  Grey Goo 15:03 21 Mar 09

Ewe need a lot of Ram to produce the effects.

  Si_L 15:07 21 Mar 09

Its not tennis, its pong!

Sheep pong, to be precise (no pun intended)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:10 21 Mar 09

'Is that for real???'..you were joking?

It's an ad for Samsung LED tv's.


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