Extreme Overclocking!

  Zero G 12:55 07 Jan 07
  rodriguez 13:19 07 Jan 07

That's a pretty good idea - the problem comes when he has to take the computer inside and fit it under his desk. ;-)

  interzone55 16:29 07 Jan 07

5Ghz is nothing, check out IBM's 500ghz CPU click here yeah, it has to be cooled to 4.5 degrees Kelvin to run at that speed, but it can still operate at 350Ghz at room temperature.

Now, will it be Vita Premium ready with a 500Ghz CPU?

  skeletal 17:07 07 Jan 07

Phooey...that’s nothing! Many years ago at work, someone was really interested in how computers worked. We set up a Z80, some memory, some switches and LEDs connected to the data and address busses.

Then, we set the clock speed to...

wait for it...

1Hz (yes ONE Hertz)!!!

Operating the switches etc. we could see the LEDs switch on and off as data was moved around to various addresses.

I thus claim our team has made the SLOWEST computer in the world!!


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