Explain this!

  Flak999 21:16 01 Apr 11

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One really has to wonder at the mentality and intellect of people who are prepared to hunt down and murder UN workers who are trying to help the local population, in response to the burning of a book over 7000 miles away!

Somebody remind me, why are we trying to drag this country and it's people out of the stone age?

  morddwyd 21:45 01 Apr 11



  Forum Editor 23:53 01 Apr 11

cannot be justified under any circumstances, but perhaps in response to your thread title it can be explained.

To Muslims the Koran is not just a book, it's the core of their spirituality. To them,simply reading from it is an act of worship, and its desecration is an outrage.

We're all sensitive to the desecration of symbols - think how you might feel if someone urinated on your loved one's gravestone, or your national flag, for instance, or if you are religious imagine your feelings if you saw another religion's priest holding a mock trial of your most sacred symbol, and then publicly burning it.

You would probably feel angry - perhaps very angry, or even incandescent with rage.

There is no defence for the actions of the religious extremists who carried out the murders of the UN staff, and what I've said above is certainly not designed or intended to excuse them in any way. It was a despicable act, and one that most decent Muslims will abhor.

Let's not forget the distasteful man who was responsible for - quite literally - lighting this fire however. Wayne Sapp and Terry Jones (the man who originally intended to burn a Koran some while ago) knew full well that what they were doing was deeply offensive to Muslims, and potentially put lives at risk, but they went ahead anyway. Their callous and misguided act was almost certainly what precipitated the murders; I wonder if they feel the slightest tinge of remorse for what they've done.

  rickf 00:14 02 Apr 11

Actually, it does not matter what the book symbolises. It is simply unjustified to behave in this way. Makes me quite sick.

  Forum Editor 00:23 02 Apr 11

If you're a muslim it matters very much what the book symbolises, as I tried to explain.

The murders are criminal offences, and cannot be justified, as I also said. They can however be explained - which is what Flak999 asked in his thread title.

  Forum Editor 00:33 02 Apr 11

and it's people out of the stone age?"

We're not, and they aren't in the stone age. Don't make the mistake of thinking that all Afghans are religious fundamentalists. The country has a rich cultural history, and a civilisation that can trace its beginnings back at least as far as ours, and probably earlier.

We see the Afghanistan of the Taliban and fundamentalism, there's much more to the country than those.

  Dragon_Heart 03:04 02 Apr 11

As the FE said to Muslims the Koran is not just a book, it's the very core of their spirituality. The problem is the Koran has not been 'updated' for the 21st century.

Wayne Sapp and Terry Jones ( who got a visit from the CIA ) are to blame.

The Afghans must try to understand feelings are high about UN deaths in combat and must try to be more understanding to others feelings not just their own.

  wee eddie 04:06 02 Apr 11

In my mind, I have always seen you as someone who considered many angles before posting a well balanced comment. On this one, I don't think you used the same rigorous and thoughtful analysis before posting.

The Religious Fundamentalists that are to blame are Wayne Sapp and Terry Jones who performed a deliberately provocative act, knowing that there were those, of another religion, that might well react in that way.

I am an Agnostic but I can well understand that such a burning is unacceptable. This does not mean that I condone the reaction, but it was what Wayne Sapp and Terry Jones were attempting to provoke.

Who is worse, the Provoker or the Provoked. My own belief is that Wayne Sapp and Terry Jones should be sent to Coventry.

  wolfie3000 04:45 02 Apr 11

I stand by my comment, you have to take into account why they burnt the book in the first place, i dont see anyone burning the torah and if they did would it cause such outrage?

Im not going to be one of these people who shyes away from speaking my mind over any religion and i give all religions equal contempt.

theirs no denying the fact they are imposing there will with violence and that is my problem with this situation, "oh its just the religious extremists" its still Islamic law to kill the unbelievers, I have read many muslim texts including the koran and its pretty straight forward in what it says about anyone who dares to defile there holy book.

  morddwyd 07:26 02 Apr 11

"UN deaths in combat"

You call that combat?

It was just murder, nothing more, nothing less.

  Forum Editor 07:32 02 Apr 11

I have now deleted two of your highly prejudiced posts, and I'll delete any more when I see them.

Your deleted comments were totally unacceptable, and just the kind of thing that causes trouble, rather than resolving it.

Try to calm down and think rationally.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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