Expert warns of short life for burned CDs

  Simsy 19:39 21 Jan 06

is the title of the current top news story on this site.

Towards the bottom of the item is the line;

"he's quick to point out that no storage medium lasts forever"

In a refernce to optical and magnetic storage.

I've had an idea...

Get a flat disc, about 12", (300mm), in diameter, made of vinyl perhaps. We can encode information onto it by scratching/engraving a spiral grove onto it's surface. Varying the width and depth of the grove will allow lotss of information to be encoded. The disc could even be copied and mass produced.

It would be particuly suitable for analogue data, such as music, not suffering from digital artifacts that the like of CD's suffer.

What do you think?

Oh... and I bet, being made of vinyl, THEY WOULD LAST FOREVER!!



  Curio 20:32 21 Jan 06

What goes around, come around!!

  Curio 21:01 21 Jan 06

Have decided not to convert any more Vinyl to CD. Perhaps Transferring to Cassette is not such a bad idea after all (using quality Cassette Player).

  jakimo 22:36 21 Jan 06

Looks like my grandchildren will not be looking at the cd family albums when I'm pushing up the Daisy's

  Forum Editor 00:16 22 Jan 06

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