Experiences of using a telephone advice and helpline?.

  spuds 15 May 13

This subject as been discussed on many occasions, as to the importance and worth of these type of services, and whether they really achieve what was intended?.

Would you care to share any recent experiences, good or bad?.

What brought this subject up for me, was an experience that I had this morning for a purchase I made yesterday I wanted a 230mm angle grinder for a project in the making (I already have one somewhere about?), so checking on the internet and a few catalogues, I managed to find the item at a local store, as the last in stock. Duly purchased the item and returned home, only to find (shock horror) an assembly Allen key was missing. Contacted the store's main customer care advice and helpline, and was informed "We don't send items or spares out, you will have to take the item back to the store for a refund".

Now I have boxes of various Allen keys, so the problem was not really a problem for me, and one not warranting a refund of the original purchase. No doubt, someone will now inform me that I was being very stupid or silly in making such a request for this type of help or advice, or even requesting the missing item or possibly other spares, hence my original curiosity on experiences of others, when seeking help or advice?.

  lotvic 15 May 13

Whilst I agree that it is annoying having to get refund for whole item, I also realise that the shop only sells the item so cannot be expected to carry 'all the little parts' in case one of them is missing in pre-packaged goods.

The shop has to return the whole pre-packaged item to their supplier to get a refund or else stand the cost/loss of it themselves and try to resell as damaged/faulty.

  Chronos the 2nd 15 May 13

You paid for the whole package, really does not matter that you could supply your own, most people would not be able to. What if it were a drill and the chuck key was missing?

Though in this instance you probably did the right thing as the alternative might have meant a long wait for a replacement.

  spuds 15 May 13

As I mentioned in the introduction, the missing Allen key was not a problem for me personally, but it might have perhaps been for someone else?.

I have had similar events in the past, and those were usually easily resolved. One one occasion, the seller carried a variety of spares. On another occasion they had supplies of stores 'new item' returns, and the company sent the item next day from that supply.

Taking an item back for a refund, would have cost the purchaser possibly more in costs, which the store would not perhaps consider an inconvenience?.

I am not complaining, just seeking other peoples experiences of a similar nature of using telephone help and advice customer care?.


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