Expensive Drunken Night Out?

  peter99co 13:32 11 Feb 11

Drunk A&E patients 'should pay' for hospital treatment.

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Will it happen?

  wiz-king 13:56 11 Feb 11

I agree.

No it wont happen, they - the 'victim'- will only try to claim if from the local council as a social service.

  carver 15:34 11 Feb 11

Couple of problems, who is to say how drunk you have to be before they can charge you for treatment and the second one is if hospitals did charge then it would most likely cost more to run than the fee they charged.

Apart from those problems how do you prove that the person with the injury caused by a fall is at the hospital because of drink or just as a result he or she just tripped because of a pot hole.

  Pineman100 15:40 11 Feb 11

I find it difficult to disagree with the principle of this idea - drunkenness is, after all, a purely voluntary condition.

But if you apply the principle to drunks, should you not also get smokers to pay for their cancer treatment, the obese to pay for their gastric bands, heart attack treatment, etc.... create your own list.

  spider9 15:40 11 Feb 11

...and then we move into "are drug users to be dealt with the same?"

What drugs would count? Automatic drug test for all patients?

Couldn't be done, agree with carver.

  Chegs ®™ 16:01 11 Feb 11

Our health authority trust thought about charging drunks for treatments several years ago,but I don't recall ever reading the outcome.I agree its an idea that could never be workable for the reasons given above.

  peter99co 17:31 11 Feb 11

If an ambulance is involved it is easy to send a bill. I got one when I had a Motorcycle Accident.

As it was not my fault it was paid by the other blokes insurance.

An Ambulance and a Breathalyzer could work well together. Send the bill to the person over the limit. Easy.

  carver 17:43 11 Feb 11

But what would be the limit, 5 pints for one person is a starter, another person could be slurring his words on 2 pints but he has just had a stroke.

  OTT_B 18:38 11 Feb 11

This would be the start of a very slippery slope.

  spider9 18:43 11 Feb 11

But, despite peter99co's assertion of 'Easy' - it would be impossible, for all the reasons previously given.
It cannot happen!

  Admiral Allstar 19:32 11 Feb 11

people already pay for a&e via tax & ni. charging drunk people should result in a rebate on their tax bill - after all the point of the nhs is a free service at point of use. if we are to charge people then perhaps we should look at the nhs tourists who get free treatment (and dont tell me they pay as they go home before the bill arrives).

If we start to charge one section of the population then we will abolish the nhs as part of government spending and charge all users by use.

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