Expected to die within 3 months and now missing!

  Al94 02:11 16 Dec 09

Probably not a big surprise click here

  wiz-king 05:43 16 Dec 09

Well, you would expect a miracle around Christmas.

  Monoux 08:04 16 Dec 09

Isn't it the same with Ronnie Biggs -- well done Jack Straw

  bri-an 08:08 16 Dec 09

I think we must accept he is dying (our own doctors were responsible for the diagnosis), and if it were me I think I'd want to do it privately without speaking to E Renfrew officials at the end. So I can perhaps understand his 'dropping out' - particularly with journalists poring over his every move.
I'm not arguing that what's happened is right, just that it might be understandable - and does it really matter? Or are we now so macabre that we want his final moments live on TV, maybe?

Unless our Scottish doctors have all been in on a gigantic con, and he's fit and healthy!

  michaelw 08:34 16 Dec 09

This is a complete and utter surprise to me. I never expected something like this to happen. He's survived longer than the 3 months. Perhaps it's a miracle

  Input Overload 08:49 16 Dec 09

He should never have been released I'm in agreement with the Americans 100% on this one.

  Legolas 08:50 16 Dec 09

I can't breathe in this thread the humanity is chocking me....

  Condom 12:32 16 Dec 09

I haven't bought a newspaper, sorry Comic, for years as the only thing you could believe in them was the date at the top. Nowadays there is too little factual news and too much so called opinion.

  Cymro. 12:36 16 Dec 09

Some people are still aggravated that the death penalty was done away with. They just want every villain to end up dieing in gaol. When a few are let out early on humanitarian grounds they still want to see that the villains have kept up their side of the bargain and actually died to order so as to please them.

  Cymro. 12:37 16 Dec 09

for dieing read dying.

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