"Executive Compensation"

  interzone55 17:07 29 Jan 10

I've just found out that in the same year that employees where requested to take 4 weeks unpaid leave our CEO trousered a cash bonus of $17,500,000 to bring his total "compensation" package to over $28,000,000, just short of 1,000 more than my total salary (notice I'm salaried, not compensated for my work)

Oh how I love working for a huge US company...

  mrwoowoo 19:55 29 Jan 10

Sorry if i'm being a bit thick here but.
Are you saying you earn just shy of 28 million dollars a year?
If so, then how i would love working for a huge US company regardless of what the CEO pockets.

  skeletal 20:03 29 Jan 10

I think alan14 means “1000 times” i.e. alan14’s “compensation” is of the order of $28,000.

Clearly, the CEO is 1000 times “better” than alan14.

Just like all those bankers that had a slight impact on the world’s economy recently are 1000s of times “better” than the rest of the population.


  mrwoowoo 20:07 29 Jan 10

A thousand times more does make more sense i must admit.

  interzone55 21:13 29 Jan 10

Sorry, in my anger after finding out this little tidbit I missed the word times.

About ten years ago I worked for a large retailer who had 28,000 staff, when you pro-rated the cleaners and Saturday up to full time the chief exec earned 10 times as much as the lowest paid staff.

Clearly things have changed now, so the salary gap has to rocket up by 100 times...

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