Is everything OK with you?

  Quickbeam 05 Dec 12
  Brumas 05 Dec 12

Quickbeam, aye it is, apart from the bitterly cold wind and thin dusting of snow which even the Magic Button cannot remedy ;o}

  Aitchbee 05 Dec 12

If it's not broken ... don't fix it. Curiosity killed the cat so I wasn't tempted to press that Magic Button.

  Bing.alau 05 Dec 12

I pressed it and feel much better for having done so.

  Pine Man 05 Dec 12

Surely it only needs one person to press the button and then 'Everything will be ok'.

Just in case it doesn't work that way I pressed it as well and, wow, isn't everything marvellous!

  QuizMan 05 Dec 12

I hope it is not 3 strikes and you're out because I pressed it too.

  Graphicool1 05 Dec 12

Hi as 'Aitchbee' I wasn't going to press it either, until I saw names of guys I recognised had pressed it. So I took the plunge for everything being ok, I'll take a rain check on that.

  caccy 05 Dec 12

That certainly feels better now!

  Pine Man 06 Dec 12

I felt so good I never noticed the Donate button.

  Quickbeam 06 Dec 12

Who's job is it to post the link for the annual Santa and the Elves present making machine link?


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