morddwyd 19:26 19 Dec 09

Four Eurostar trains break down because of cold/heat.

For Pete's sake!

Are we in the 21st century or not?

  rdave13 19:31 19 Dec 09

With respect 'things' will always happen regardless of the century. Humans will always be fallible don't you think?

  Condom 19:53 19 Dec 09

Maybe they will get the passengers out just before the strike starts.

  octal 19:58 19 Dec 09

It's a bit farcical, I noticed when I went over to Finland to work a number of years ago their trains never had a problem working in the freezing cold, even at -20°C.

  rdave13 20:13 19 Dec 09

Again with respect the designers would be used to compensating to temps of -20°C.
These things happen and if you can be better at the job then apply for it instead of complaining.
We're a Nation of grumblers and don't want do anything about it but complain.

  octal 20:24 19 Dec 09

Stupid comment.

  rdave13 21:13 19 Dec 09

That's for you to decide. Thank you for you wisdom.

  rdave13 21:23 19 Dec 09

Erratum, second 'you' should read 'your'.

  peter99co 21:30 19 Dec 09

I thought they said it was due to freezing conditions outside the tunnel and the higher temperature inside the tunnel.
What was unprecedented was the weather conditions particularly in northern France with heavy snowfall and very, very cold temperatures outside of the tunnel.

The conditions caused condensation which brought about electrical problems in the tunnel.

  rdave13 21:38 19 Dec 09

I don't know. Ask octal as the Finns seem to be able to work wonders in -20°C.
octal never mentoined condensation in tunnels, though.

  morddwyd 22:38 19 Dec 09

"The conditions caused condensation which brought about electrical problems in the tunnel"

When I brought my camera in from the car earlier in the week I expected, and got, condensation - it is not unusual if you bring something electrical/electronic into the warm from the cold.

When VCRs first became popular consumer items there was always a warning in the manual not to run them for an hour after bringing them home because of condensation on the heads.

That was more than a quarter of a century ago.

Perhaps there should be a similar warning in the Eurostar manual.

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