European Parliament election

  cream. 10:38 21 Apr 14

4 weeks this Thursday. Already got our voting cards. As a family we will all be voting, will you?

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:10 21 Apr 14

I always vote. I see it as a basic requirement of living in a democracy. I have no time for those apathetic idiots who can't be bothered.

  bremner 11:45 21 Apr 14

So what do you do if none if the candidates manifesto reflects your view?

  spuds 11:56 21 Apr 14

This must be another one of those important elections?.

In my neck of the woods, there appears to be a shortage of information from any of the candidates seeking election. Not even had the voting card, to tell us when or where to place our votes.But I suppose that's all forthcoming in the next week or so?.

I do know though, that one of our young local councillor's is in the running for an MEP position, and at the same time apparently, he is still holding his opinions to remain a councillor. Now if he is elected to be an MEP, and going on his present record, then I pity those that hope he succeeds. but also apparently, his political party have very high hopes on their selection, even though he failed twice in his attempts at becoming an MP, and lost miserably on both counts?.

  Flak999 12:28 21 Apr 14

I will definitely be voting, my sentiments echo those of Mr Mistoffelees. Probably no need to tell you who I will be voting for! :-)

  fourm member 12:41 21 Apr 14


Would that be image ?

Whoops, sorry I meant image

It's so hard to tell them apart.

  Flak999 15:01 21 Apr 14

fourm member

Decisions, decisions! the man of the moment

  Pine Man 15:21 21 Apr 14


The other parties treat him like a fool but I have a sneaking suspicion that they will end up the fools if they don't get their acts together.

  Flak999 15:30 21 Apr 14

Pine Man

Well according to the independent polling following the radio and TV debates with Clegg, Farage won quite convincingly. I hope UKIP give the three established parties a suitably bloody nose in the Euro elections, and if they do then the general election next year will be very exciting indeed!

  fourm member 15:41 21 Apr 14

'Farage won quite convincingly'

Which is no surprise because people want to believe Farage's lies because they seem to promise a better world.

But, they are lies and sooner or later people will realise that.

  hastelloy 16:08 21 Apr 14

fourm member

Totally correct. Farage talks about Brussels and THEIR institutions when they are actually OUR institutions.


If you don't like how it works, do nothing to change it doesn't sound like a good strategy to me.

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