Euro rates

  belfman 20:49 01 May 08

I went into thomas cook to change some £ for €.

Outside it said 1.227 with no mention of minimums, doind the sums in my head I went to the counter and the value she gave me was short...

When I queried it I was informed I was actually just getting 1.16 and that there's a minimum of £300 needed to get the 'higher' rate of 1.227.

Where does it say that??? I asked. Answer was... It doesn't but that's what it is.

Yeah right - I obviously didn't take the Euros at a measely 1.16 but find their adverts missleading.

  Kemistri 22:04 01 May 08

If you think that's misleading -- and I'm inclined to agree with you based on your description -- give Trading Standards a call. It's like the practice of placing a headline price for a holiday in the window that is actually unachievable when you try to book it, which came up on a BBC Three programme a while back. Can't remember the title.

  belfman 22:40 01 May 08

I think I will.

  Quickbeam 09:07 02 May 08

I would think if there is no qualifying statement, they can be compelled to sell at the advertised rate.

You're not allowed to charge for an item in a shop at the till at a higher price than that marked on the item or on the shelf... so I would think the Euros would be treated in the same way.

  anchor 09:27 02 May 08

I always use the bureau-de-change located at most Marks & Spencer stores. They publicise the rates, and you get exactly what it says. No commission, and no minimum.

  Bingalau 09:40 02 May 08

I always draw the cash from the bank first and then change my money at Marks and Sparks. Don't use your credit/debit card though... Never ever, found a better deal anywhere.

  belfman 09:50 02 May 08

Rate is 1.2303 with M&S.

My bank is 1.2382, hopefully no fee or a very small one as to get M&S's rate I'd have to pay bus fares.

Yesterday at Thomas Cook my 10yr old niece, who was impatient, wanted her spending money changed for our day trip. She got the 1.16 rate which is pathetic! But was only changing the £20 she has saved up. She got €20 for £17.25.

PS. I have emailed Trading Standards.

  belfman 09:55 02 May 08

I'm only looking £200 changed.

Thomas Cook €230
M&S €245
Bank €240 (Minus a £4 charge)

Ultimately Marks and Spencer are a better deal, that's where I'll go.

  Cymro. 11:32 02 May 08

Another reason for the UK to join other EU countries and start using the Euro.

  Clapton is God 12:44 02 May 08

Go to the Post Office - no minimum and no commission

  amonra 13:17 02 May 08

Where do I find one of them ???????

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