EU Referendum

  hssutton 16:44 25 May 15

Prior to the General Election Labour were apposed to an EU referendum. As we all now know it would seem they are now in favour, but to get the SNP onside the suggestion is that voting should should also be open to 16 year olds. Cynical or a good idea? enter link description here

  wee eddie 18:43 25 May 15

The UK can make a good fist of itself, either in or out of the EU.

That the EU has become over bureaucratic and needs reform is beyond doubt.

I am in favour of reform and in favour of remaining within the EU but not overly worried, should we decide to leave.

Much of the European Trade, that we do now, will remain. Trade Goods that are being made for the US and Middle Eastern Markets will still have to be made in a manner that obeys their regulations, so little will change their either.

  morddwyd 19:34 25 May 15

As in the Scottish referendum, 16 and 17 tear olds are the ones who are going to have to cope with whatever decision is taken, whether as embers of future governments, as executive board members, or as simple souls trying to keep their family fed and sheltered.

They have more right to vote than I do, is it won't affect me for very long.

  bumpkin 19:52 25 May 15

16yrs olds are not capable of making rational decisions in my view and will be influenced by the madia.

  bumpkin 19:54 25 May 15

The right to vote should be 21 in my opinion.

  bremner 20:37 25 May 15


If your typo was unintentional it is in fact vey appropriate

  bremner 20:41 25 May 15

It is ridiculous that someone is judged as mature enough at 16 to vote but not to marry without parental consent or drink alcohol.

Following mordwyd's comment through "They have more right to vote than I do, is [sic] it won't affect me for very long." Why do we not allow 10 year old to vote?

  Forum Editor 21:54 25 May 15

I very much doubt that the average 16 year old has sufficient experience of life in general, and working life in particular, to be able to make an informed judgement about the merits and demerits of EU membership.

I mention working life, because membership of the EU has a strong influence on our country's economy, and if you have not worked for a living it's just not possible to understand much about financial matters.

That said, I have met people in their thirties and forties who don't have much of a clue about the complexities surrounding our membership.

  morddwyd 09:06 26 May 15

"if you have not worked for a living it's just not possible to understand much about financial matters."

Let's take the vote from all those who have never worked then, regardless of age.

I know of some 25 and thirty year old post grads who have never worked for a living. Should they not have the vote?

This is an arrogant statement, and I suggest you go along to a few school debating society meetings!

  hssutton 09:56 26 May 15

In agreement with morddwyd on this. I have worked with phyciatric patients/ learning difficulties for over 30 years on a voluntary basis, having contact with a great many people living in care homes or sheltered accommodation. All of these people are allowed to vote, so why not 16 year olds. Having said that I'm not in agreement with reducing the voting age. The point I was trying to make in my OP re.cynical. is this possibly a way to stop/delay an EU election via the Lords?

  Ungus 14:27 26 May 15

Most 16 year olds have a better handle on life than some 60 year olds and in any case the vote on EU is going to have a massive effect on their life chances. It really worries me that their would appear to be a substantial vote for withdrawal in England. Withdrawal would have a catastrophic in Scotland that's why there is a case that it should not happen unless all four countries vote in favour. A

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