enough to make your eyes water

  cream. 20:02 05 May 14

"The longest throw was by Dave Morrison, who tossed his knob 21.8m (71ft)."

click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:26 05 May 14

If I only read the end of the article, I would expect "knob darts" to be very painful!

  bumpkin 21:08 05 May 14

Aitchbee, I suppose that depends on which bush you are referring to and of course you own personal preferences.

  Woolwell 22:27 05 May 14

Dorset knobs are delicious.

  bumpkin 22:31 05 May 14

Aitchbee, you don't live next to sunnystaines by any chance?

  Woolwell 22:31 05 May 14

Moore's Biscuits We used to stop off at their bakery and buy a job lot of broken biscuits.

  bumpkin 23:00 05 May 14

Great answer LOL

  morddwyd 07:17 06 May 14

"lively and thought-provoking debate"

Yes, the sort I used to have behind the bike shed 70 years ago.

  carver 09:04 06 May 14

morddwyd if you were having a "lively and thought-provoking debate" behind the bike shed you were doing it wrong.

You should have had the discussion before you went behind the bike shed, saved time.

  carver 09:09 06 May 14

Any way getting back to those knobs, how is it the site states "Please note that these products are a seasonal line,therefore, are not always available ". maybe if they didn't waste them throwing the things you could get them all year.

  Woolwell 09:45 06 May 14

carver - the ingredients are seasonal and mainly locally sourced. The bakery is quite small.

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