Englebert Humperdinck is UK's Eurovision performer

  TopCat® 01 Mar 12

I was somewhat surprised to read that Humpers at the age of 75 will be representing Britain on the 26th May this year. Just goes to show that if yourself and others believe you've still got it, then it's never too late to attempt to knock 'em cold, is it? Good luck to him on his big night in Azerbaijan and I hope all goes well for the UK. TC.

Eurovision 2012

  Forum Editor 02 Mar 12

Good luck to him.

  Joseph Kerr 02 Mar 12

Do we know the song?

  Joseph Kerr 02 Mar 12

Oops, nope, sorry.

  zzzz999 02 Mar 12

ahhh his 'last waltz'

  Quickbeam 02 Mar 12

They'd be better of with Lulu, women age better that men (they must use better surgeons) and most of Europe and the younger generation has heard of her. Englebert is is now unknown, aged cruelly and has a damn silly name.

But if they really want to scrape the barrel, I'm sure Cliff Richard (I think he uses the better women's surgeons otherwise he'd surely look more like Kieth Richards) would jump at the chance to have another record in the hit parade of a 7th successive decade...

  Quickbeam 02 Mar 12


I'm advised that that was a bit of a bitchy post:)

  badgery 02 Mar 12

Quickbeam ".. and has a damn silly name."

Why is that particular name sillier than any other name?

  Quickbeam 02 Mar 12

Silliness is in the mind of the beholder. I distinctly remember as a 6/7 year old thinking what a daft name it was.

  badgery 02 Mar 12

On that basis every name in the world is silly then.

Presumably your criteria, '..when I was 6/7 year old' is the defining feature of all your opinions? (:-0)

  rickf 02 Mar 12

isn't he a bit passe? perhaps he is on a come back?


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