Engineer passenger onboard fixes plane problem

  TopCat® 15:27 06 Jul 09

Saves hours of delay for flight out of Menorca. I hope the other pasengers passed the hat around for him! :o) TC. click here

  User-1229748 16:30 06 Jul 09

yep he certainly should have received a whip round from the other passengers.don't know about anyone else though but i would have had the slight jitters on that flight home.

  wiz-king 18:03 06 Jul 09

Why? If he has that type of aircraft in his licence then he is qualified to work on the aircraft, it would not matter who owned it.

  lofty29 19:04 06 Jul 09

If it had been ryanair they would have probably charged him for the priviledge of doing it, and tool hire.

  Forum Editor 19:11 06 Jul 09

Under other circumstances I think it would; there might be insurance complications if things went wrong.

In this case the engineer worked for ThomsonFly, an airline which has a reciprocal maintenance agreement with Thomas Cook.

  Simsy 19:23 06 Jul 09

an ex colleague of mine, a bit of a expert on audio visual things, and who now has his own technical comms company, offered his services when the plane he was on, (I think Virgin, but I can't be sure of that), had a fault that meant none of the passengers could use the in flight entertainment.

That'll be an upgrade to First Class both ways across the Atlantic then!



  Noldi 19:50 06 Jul 09

Normal procedure is that a second engineer has to sign the work off. Even if you hold a CAA licence it only means you are qualified to carry out certain jobs on certain aircraft, your work still has to be signed off as satisfactory.


  karmgord 21:45 06 Jul 09

if he got on the plane after fixing it so would i

  TopCat® 13:19 07 Jul 09

that flight, otherwise the costs to the company and passenger inconvenience would have risen considerably. This one grounded aircraft could have caused a knock-on effect with resulting schedule delays for other Menorca bound passengers.

Anyway, all is well that ends well, as they say! ;o) TC.

  OTT_Buzzard 14:36 07 Jul 09

It;s just as well it wasn't Ryanair....they might have tried to charge him a boarding fee to get back on the aircraft after repairing it ;)

Only kidding, I use Ryan Air quite a lot and find them very good for short hops in to Europe.

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