The end for Saab cars?

  Al94 09:54 12 May 11

Chinese funding falls through click here

  spuds 13:19 12 May 11

I recall the days that Saab was showing adverts of high tech motor cars and fighter aircraft. Bit like Rolls Royce I suppose!.

  interzone55 14:24 12 May 11

If Saab built cars that more people wanted to buy then they might be able to survive, but for the last decade or so they've simply built Vauxhalls in a slightly different body.

I used to drive a Saab pool car from work, and it was even worse than the Vauxhall Vectra it was based on...

  woodchip 16:48 12 May 11

I thought a Private buy had bought them out!

  rawprawn 17:00 12 May 11

They were bought by Spyker Cars, but they were a smaller company than SAAB, I think they needed an injection of capital from the Chinese company to be able to move forward. That now looks a bit unlikely.

  SparkyJack 18:02 12 May 11

Like Spuds I recall the days of SAAB winning rallies, and other trophies and their adverts- but like Rolls Royce SAAB cars were a side line within and underwritten by much larger organization.

I owned a second generation 99- built around Triumph engine and AC-Delco running gear-kept it 13 years 1973-1986 with only tyres and brake pads being the sole replacements. Them GM got hold of the brand and it lost its way.

  Condom 22:40 12 May 11

I still have a beautiful Saab and might I suggest that anyone comparing it to a Vuaxhall has not been behind the wheel of a Saab or under the bonnet or ....I could go on. I will cetainly miss them if they vanish.

  Dragon_Heart 23:10 12 May 11

I am old enough, just, to remember the 2 stoke SAAB's in some 'orrible orange colour. I think Skoda used the left over paint for their 100 series.

SAAB like Volvo have not had their own real identity for several years. Yes other car manufactures use the same floor pans as each other etc. but SAAB and Volvo took it to the extreme.

In the days when kids sang “Ford ford 4 wheels and a board” SAAB were producing some fine machines but they appear to have been overtaken in more ways than one.

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